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Welcome back to another Fido Feature!

We hope you enjoy getting to know our pack just that little bit better!

We would like to introduce to you the ever so regal
German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP), Frankie!

Frankie brings charm, charisma and a little bit of cheekiness to the group.
She is a very calm and placid member of the Houndog Daycare team and with
her affectionate personality, Frankie is an absolute joy to watch or observe
her interactions amongst the pack. A bold and intelligent canine she definitely favours
the “bigger” boys and will often initiate play by offering a cheeky play bow with
them and (of course) they are happy to oblige.

Frankie is a sensational swimmer and her “webbed” like paws
(common in GSPs) makes her very proficient in the water.
Like all the GSP’s we have in our care we do like to keep a good eye on her,
as hunting is their favourite activity. The GSPs are chasers and will
take off like a shot after birds, cats or other small animals.
Pointers can also leap higher than you might think, and if leaping doesn’t work,
they’ll resort to digging in order to get out and search for adventure.

Fortunately we have never had an issue with Frankie because she
sticks with the pack and more importantly has a fantastic recall, thanks to some
very important early conditioning work initiated by her lovely owner Casey.

After a swim at the beach you are more likely to find Frankie wrapped
in a towel and/or basking in the sun. Looking every so regal and graceful.

What a pleasure to have you join us each week Frankie!
Thank you for your energy, and also your calm and playful nature.
Can’t wait to see you at our next daytrip!

 All of our dogs are such loveable characters!

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