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Welcome back to another Fido Feature!

We hope you enjoy getting to know our pack just that little bit better!

Meet CLOVER – also affectionately known as “Miss Wiggly Bottom”.

Finding it difficult to contain her exuberance Clover shows us with her body 
and as the song goes…  Wiggle it….. Just a little bit.  
Or in this girls case a lot ! 

Clover has been attending Daycare for many years now and we’re
so glad she joined the Pack. She is the perfect temperament-testing dog
for new pack members when they join Dog Daycare.
When I arrive on Tuesday mornings to collect Clover, she always greets me
at the side gate with her excitable “squinty eyes”.

Ohhh Clover, thank you, it’s wonderful to see you too.

Typically her ears are flat and her body is lowered to the ground
as she runs to greet me. She
may even roll over on her back to expose her belly.
Clover loves to be with the Humans; however she easily tempted into
some fast paced play or a game of fetch. She is absolutely crazy about
chasing a ball. Clover is very keen on swimming and you’ll always find her
right next to you in the water.   She is nuts about receiving treats too,
after all she is a Labrador.

Our Miss Wiggly Bottom is the kindest of souls;
you can see it in her eyes – she’s our Sweetheart.

 All of our dogs are such loveable characters!

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