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Welcome back to another Fido Feature!

We hope you enjoy getting to know our pack just that little bit better!

Meet Dougie, our gentle giant!

Despite his size, Dougie is just a big old softie!
All of the dogs in our crew love Dougie for his calm demeanor and playful side. When Dougie gets excited, his head wobbles as he runs towards you – it’s Unique to Big Doug. You can always tell if he’s about to run over to you as he goes very still and stares for a moment before he takes off! He likes to show his “teethy smile” when he gets picked up in the morning for daycare, to say just how excited he is for the day! He’s always up for a bit of a cuddle, and if he’s feeling particularly affectionate he’ll often just stand right in front of our trainers until he gets some back scratches!

He likes to save his energy for short bursts, ambling around the park until it’s time for him to do his big run of excitement!
He loves to run around with the ball in his mouth, especially if he can get some of the others to chase him!
Now and then if you look closely, you’ll find Doug playing with a soccor ball on his own – throwing it in the air and catching it again – that’s how cool Big Doug is!

All of our dogs are such loveable characters!

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