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Eye-popping auction…

A two year old Australian Kelpie named ‘Hoover’ sold in June 2021 for a record $35,200 at a working dog auction.  This type of herding dogs is mostly used with cattle and sheep.  The auction was held at Casterton, (in Glenelg Shire) Victoria and the town itself is known as the ‘birthplace of the Kelpie’.  They even have their own ‘Australian Kelpie Centre’ which opened in 2018.

The Lee’s (Hoover’s breeders and trainers) from Edenhope remarked that his calm cool-headedness and capacity to be so kind to the stock were a big part of his remarkable qualities.  The dog has been described as having a strong instinct to know what’s going on and has an excellent ability to read and stimulate the herd instinct.

Hoover will now be working for a sheep and cattle grazier who will reap the rewards of owning this ‘cool’ and excellent all-rounder.

One of the factors pushing the price of working dogs up has been the Covid 19 pandemic.  Border closures and movement restrictions has resulted in a shortfall of workers in farming regions.  A highly skilled dog is invaluable to a farmer.

Some kelpie owners say their dogs are able to run all day and are ‘whip smart’.  The Lee’s confess Hoover is a happy-go-lucky lad and that he’d work 8 day’s a week if you let him.

So if you ever visit Casterton… be sure to get a selfie with a kelpie.  The historical town is also famous for it’s annual ‘Australian Kelpie Muster’.

Watch the incredible ‘Hoover’ in action here…

With thousands of shelter dogs seeking a home, if it’s a companion you are seeking, perhaps you might consider re-homing a dog.  You may not get a record-price-fetching pal but you can still find a pal, for not much more than the price of desexing.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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