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Houndog Daycare Doggy Day Care, Pet Sitting, Dog Minding

Doggy Daycare

  • We offer half-day & full day “Day Trips” to local parks and beaches
  • We ALWAYS visit 2 locations (the park followed by the beach)
  • We arrive at your house early to beat the heat and traffic
  • Our fully airconditioned bus is very comfortable and spacious for the dogs to travel in
  • Our first stop is a fully-fenced private park where we let the dogs run, sniff, and play
  • After 1 to 2 hours at the park, we then drive to our second location: the beach!
  • We visit various different beaches depending on the tide, etc.
    • Please Note: If dogs aren’t confident around the water, we give swimming lessons
    • Please Note: Unless your dog has a reliable recall, we use long leads at the beach
  • After a half-day or full day (of exercise, socialising, and swimming) we then drop the dogs home for a well-earned nap
  • We also send you photos of their day so you can see how much fun they had

About Us Experience you can count on

With over 16 years’ experience as Dog Behaviourists and running Doggy Daycare, your dog is in safe hands with us! We’re also accredited Dog Trainers with a Certificate 111 in Dog Behaviour & Training through the National Dog Trainer’s Federation of Australia. This qualification is nationally recognised and covers all aspects of dog behaviour, training, body language, etc.

We’ve also taught at TAFE College QLD. Our focus was on Dog Behaviour, Psychology, and Body Language. We often taught students about getting into the Dog Industry and would offer them work experience with us if they showed a keen interest. We’ve always had a natural instinct and connection with all animals, but our deep connection with dogs has played the most significant role in our lives. The companionship and unconditional love we received from dogs has deepened our respect and admiration for them. Working with dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had. We consider it a privilege to share our life and career with them.

Terms & Conditions

Before joining our daycare program, please be aware of the following:

All dogs are first temperament tested (via our paid trial day). This is done to assess a dog’s personality and play-style to ensure they’re the right fit for our Doggy Daycare.

Qualification Criteria

New dogs undertake a Behavioural Assessment before joining our Doggy Daycare. The assessment involves a friendly chat on the phone to discuss your goals, filling out a “Profile Questionnaire”, followed by a temperament test via a paid trial day.

All dogs must meet the following conditions:

  • Be fully vaccinated & on flea/tick control
  • Males must be desexed from 6 months, but females are acceptable if not de-sexed (unless in heat)
  • Be social with other dogs — we do not accept any anti-social behaviour or pinning, biting, humping, or antagonising of other dogs.

Please Note: Not all dogs are suitable for Doggy Daycare. If a dog is overwhelmed at Doggy Daycare and doesn’t grow in confidence within 3 to 4 sessions, we’ll inform you they’re not suitable and put you in touch with a dog psychologist/trainer before returning to daycare.

Houndog has the highest work ethics — if your dog doesn’t enjoy the Doggy Daycare experience, we simply won’t take your money and profess your dog enjoys it.

Schedule (Regular & Casual)

LOCALS (who live in Agnes Water or 1770):

After an initial trial day you agree we run our daycare on a regular schedule (weekly or fortnightly day trips).

There are no contracts and you can withdraw at any time, but please be aware our daycare is regular attendance (once per week or once per fortnight).

Thank you for your understanding!


Visitors to Agnes Water and 1770, please call or email us to discuss your holiday itinerary and your dogs temperament for our casual bookings. Thank you.


  • Pick-up & drop-off (mobile “door-to-door service”)
  • Half or Full Day (exercise, swimming, playing, and socialising)
  • Photos included

Half Day (3 to 4 hours): $50

Full Day (12 hours: 6am to 6pm): $80

Overnight (24 hours): $90

Get in Touch

Have a question? Reach out to Angie & Leah!