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Houndog Daycare


Houndog is in it’s 14 Year of Operation & is a Family run Business operated by Twin Sisters Angela & Leah OMeara. The Twins are Masters in Dog Behaviour, teaching Dog Body Language at Tafe Qld.  Take a good look around at the way ‘most’ other daycare Facilities operate and you’ll discover that The Houndog Adventure Park is “Polar Opposites” in every way to your average indoor daycare Centre.  It’s no Over-Statement to say their Facility & they way they run their daycare is “Worlds Apart” from the ‘Culture’ seen for so many years at most indoor warehouses. The girls actually started their Careers working at these Indoor Warehouses which is what inspired them to go beyond what was offered!  Who really wants to send their dog to a  Small & Over-crowded Facility where your dog may be Overwhelmed and sit in a corner or be forced to hang out in a confined space no separation from the the Big Boisterous Dogs.  The Houndog Adventure Park is a Totally New Concept that breaks out of that old stigma of Indoor Holding areas for the day!  It’s a Full Mobile Service as well. The Doggy Buses collects your Dog from your House in the morning to take them to the Adventure Park.  It’s a 1/2 Day of Exercise, socialisation, mental stimulation & Fun.  The Dog Daycare Industry has been lacking Innovation for years and it was always the Sister’s Vision to create an Adventure Park to bring far more Joy to your Dog!  There’s Simply nothing like it anywhere in Brisbane. The facility is a fully fenced Rural Property and enjoys it’s own Private Beach!  It’s 5.3 beautiful Acres & it’s separated into 5 different paddocks. It also boasts a HUGE Air-conditioned Indoor area for the Smaller dogs or for those Rainy Days.  Houndog cater for Small Dogs and Big Dogs. Small Dogs and shy dogs are placed together and are totally separate from the bigger dogs. Being able to split up the Daycare Dogs is a massive Advantage over our Competitors. There’s normally 3 Different Groups in 3 different areas of the Property. Its vital to match up like-minded dogs together & split the Big Dogs from the Small Dogs.  Unfortunately it’s something that most other Dog Daycare Providers cannot provide due to their restrictive spaces. Its not un-common at the Indoor Daycare Centres to see all the Dogs compressed together – all shapes & sizes and personalities are jam-packed into one small area.  This out-dated approach has never been our Philosophy because as Dog Psychologists we know for a Fact that Dogs Thrive in SPACE and Space is the number #1 Requirement for a “Group of Dogs”-  It’s just Common Sense.

The Activities offered at the Adventure Park are also the Most Unique of any Doggy Daycare in Brisbane, including fun on the Olympic Size SAND ARENA, Swimming in the Private Beach Lagoon, Doc Diving, Agility Course, Mutts Mountain, Nose Work, Mutts Massage, Chasing the Team on the Electric Scooters or Mountain Bikes and Lure Coursing.  What more could you want from a Doggy Daycare Provider? Leah & Angela are very proud to have taught Dog Body Language as a Subject to the students at TAFE Qld.

Their Motto is Simple – Life’s Better in the Great Outdoors!  The Adventure Park has evolved way past your typical Indoor Warehouse! This Place has got to be seen to be Believed!  

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