We grew up in the small country town of Rockhampton, where as young girls our family owned a menagerie of animals.

Since that time, we’ve always had a natural instinct and connection with all animals but our deep connection with Dogs has played the most significant role in our lives.

The companionship and unconditional love we received from dogs, has deepened our respect and admiration for them.


Starting our own Doggy Daycare Business 14 Years ago, was a natural progression for us, as we are strong believers in working around your true passions.


Working with Dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had. We consider it a privilege to share our life and career with them.


We are accredited Dog Trainers with a Certificate 111 in Dog Behaviour & Training through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia. This qualification is nationally recognized and covers all aspects of dog behaviour and training, including: positive reinforcement, body language, solving behavioural problems and more.


We are also accredited members/volunteers of the Delta Society: Pet Partners Program.



We have volunteered & fostered for many shelters and rescue organizations including the ‘Animal Welfare League” & RSPCA. The following are animal rights causes that we are actively involved in and support:


Wildlife Warriors

AWL (Animal Welfare League)

HSI (Humane Society International)


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Whale Conservation Society

Animals Asia Foundation

Pelican & Seabird Rescue

Dugon Conservation

WSPA (World society for the protection of animals)

Free The Bears Fund Inc.

IFAW (International fund for animal welfare)