Houndog Adventure Park - the Ultimate Pups Playground on 5.3 Acres

Our Motto is Life’s Better in the Great Outdoors!   Our Philosophy is Connecting Dog with other Social Dogs in Nature.  Exposing your dog to Fresh Air is important – Dogs actually need time outdoors for their physical and mental well being. We’ve created a Doggy Daycare Experience like No Other! Our Doggy Bus Comes to you and your Dog spends 3 to 4 hours with Us & his mates on our Beautiful Acreage Property. We also boast a Huge Air-Conditioned Indoor area for the little dogs or for those Rainy Days or Hot Summer Days. Dogs are separated into 3 or 4 Different Groups according to personality and Size.  Small Dogs & Shy dogs do NOT share the same space as the Big Dogs, giving those Little Dog Owners Peace of Mind.  We have an Average of 7 fully Trained Staff supervising at all times. When it comes to “Play” we offer a strictly controlled environment with Rules and Boundaries in place. Being Dog Behaviourists, we understand the importance of  “Matching Personality’s” and keeping the groups Manageable. This system assures that every dog gets individual attention and guarantees the safety & fun of each dog attending daycare.  Your dog receives lots of Exercise, Mental Stimulation, Socialisation, Swimming & Running, before being returned to you – exhausted and satisfied.

We’re Absolutely Not an Indoor Facility – 

*There’s No Concrete floors – just beautiful Lush Turf
*There’s No Walls, No Fake Tree’s, No Fake Grass – Just Open Spaces and Real Scents to smell
*There’s No Cramming all the Dogs into a Small Space –  We have Huge Separate Areas for the Big Dogs and small dogs
 We Nurture through Nature.  We offer a Massive Space so your dog can actually RUN RUN RUN!


 We’re extremely Proud of our Private  Beach Lagoon – it was Purpose Built for the Dogs – it’s a First of it’s kind offered at any Doggy Daycare Facility anywhere in Australia!  It even has its own waterfalls!  The water is All Natural – No Harsh Chemicals like regular Dog Pools. If your Dog is Adventurous he may like to try Dock Diving from our Purpose Built Diving Platform.   Look around because you simply won’t find anything like the Houndog Adventure Park in Brisbane!

To Ensure “Harmony” Among the Pack, unfortunately we don’t just accept Random Casual Dogs into the Group.  Joining the Daycare Program is not a short-term view – the majority of our Daycare Dogs have been attending regularly for many years. Attending regularly improves a dog’s overall behaviour and social skills with other dogs and creates a regular Routine.  Unlike many Daycare providers – we at Houndog are Not a Numbers Game! Meaning we Prefer Quality over Quantity – we always put the Safety & Happiness of the Current Pack above all else.  This approach gives our current clients Peace of Mind because they know we have the Highest of Standards when it comes to Joining New Pack Members.  We’re like a Family here at Houndog and we pride ourselves in knowing all the Daycare Dogs
intimately. All New Pack Members are Temperament Tested first so we can access their personality and play style & make sure their a Good Fit.  Because Safety & Harmony among the Pack is our Mission, we don’t accept anti-social dogs, chronic humpers or dogs with play styles that are way too intense or intimidating.  We don’t allow Pinning, Biting, intimidation or Antagonising of other dogs in the playgroup.


At Houndog, we only accept social dogs at daycare. By “Social” we mean dogs that have lots of exposure to other dogs on a regular basis and want to engage in “Nice Play” with other dogs.  Many dogs are NOT suitable for doggy daycare. New Pack Members are Temperament Tested first so we can access their personality and play style & make sure they’re a Good Fit.  Because Safety & Harmony among the Pack is our Mission, we don’t accept anti-social dogs, chronic humpers or dogs with play styles that are way too intense or intimidating.  We don’t also don’t allow Pinning, Biting, reactivity, resource guarding of sticks & balls, intimidation or Antagonising of other dogs in our playgroup.  If your Dog Displays any of the above Characteristics it will not be suitable. If you’re not sure of your Dogs Personality among a Playgroup, we will recommend you contact our Dog Psychologist/Behaviorist.  She will give your dog a full assessment and if she views your dog to be suitable for doggy daycare, we will take on her recommendation and meet your dog for a “Trial Day’.


Unique Activities offered at the Houndog Adventure Park include :

*Swimming & Dive Docking in our Our Unique Dog Beach Lagoon – it’s like a Mini SouthBank for Dogs.
*Chasing our Team around the Property on the Mountain Bikes and Electric Scooter
*Expelling energy running & Playing on our Olympic Size Sand Arena
*Enjoying the wonderful Dog Sport of Lure Coursing
*Nose Work – using their Unique sense of Smell participating in “Nose Work” & Treasure Hunts
*Mental Stimulation & Playtime on Our Agility Equipment
*Free Massages from our Team in the Mutts Massage Room. 

Our  Daycare runs on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and Thursdays – We offer 2 Options – 1/2 Days or Full Days.
Before Joining Our Daycare Program – All Dogs are Temperament Tested first (via our Paid Trial Day Assessment). This is done to assess a Dog’s personality and play style to ensure it is the right fit for our Doggy Daycare.

1/2 Day Option –  a Mobile “Door to Door Service” where our Doggy Bus comes to You for Pick Up & Drop Off. We head back to the Adventure Park for 3 – 4 hours of FUN.
(Pricing 1/2 Day – $62.10+gst, second Dog $55+gst)


Full Day Option –  All Day access to the Adventure Park.  Drop your dog off to us at 7AM & collect between 4pm – 6pm.
(Pricing Full Day – $80+gst, second Dog $75+gst)


5 Day Package – $380 + gst – that’s $76/Day +gst (Saves you $20)
10 Day Package $720 + gst – that’s $72/Day + gst (Saves you $80)
20 Day Package $1360 + gst – that’s $68/Day + gst (Saves you $240)



Pricing for Doggy Day Care:

1/2 Day Option – Mobile Service (the Doggy Bus comes to you) Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Thursday’s
1 Dog    $62.10 + Gst
2nd Dog  $55 + Gst


Full Days Option is Wednesday’s only at this stage. ( You drop off and Pick up )
1 Dog    $80 + Gst  (Casual Visit)
2nd Dog  $70 + Gst (Casual Visit)

5 Day Package – $380 + gst – that’s $76/Day +gst (Saves you $20)
10 Day Package $720 + gst – that’s $72/Day + gst (Saves you $80)
20 Day Package $1360 + gst – that’s $68/Day + gst (Saves you $240)

**As an added Bonus, we offer all Clients “Free Advice” on Dog Behaviour & Body Language, Nutrition, Pack Behaviour, Dog Park Etiquette & Free Training Tips

The Houndog Adventure Park offers

  • FULL  Mobile Service to your Door – Our Buses collect from 70 % of Suburbs around Brisbane (Please check with us that we Service your Area)
  • 1/2 Day Access to the Adventure Park (3 to 4 Hours)
  • We Pick Up & Drop off from your Home (Full Mobile Service)
  • Activities include Social Playtime, Agility, chasing the staff on the bikes, Electric Scooter,Lure Course, swimming in our PRIVATE Beach Lagoon
  • Professionally Edited Photos & Music Videos of the Day
  • Beach Time – low impact exercise & swimming lessons to improve your dogs fitness & survival skills around the water 
  • 5 HUGE Separate Large Paddocks and the Small Dogs & Shy Dogs are Separate from the Big Dogs
    Huge Air-Conditioned INDOOR Area for the Little Dogs (and for those Rainy Days)
  • Supervision by Qualified Dog Behaviourists – Excellent Staff to Dog Ratio (6 Team Members Supervising)
  • We only accept Social Dogs in our Group. All dogs have been Temperament Tested before joining
  • We have a strict Screening Process before New Dogs Join (unlike some other daycare centres that take any Random dogs, any time, any temperament)
  • Confidence Building for puppies & shy dogs
    Small Manageable Numbers Grouped together according to Personality & Size
  • Exercised & Socialised in a controlled environment
    The Adventure Park is the Ultimate Outdoor Daycare Experience – it’s the Largest in Qld at 5.3 Acres


  • FULL DAY ADVENTURES – Available NOW on WEDNESDAY’s) Drop Off and Collect your own Dog before and after work
  • Check In at 7am & Check Out between 4pm – 6pm
  •  Full Day Access to the Adventure Park between 7am – 6pm.

Qualification Criteria

New dogs undertake a Behavioural Assessment before joining our Doggy Daycare. The Assessment involves a friendly chat on the phone to discuss your goals, filling out a “Profile Questionnaire”, followed by a Temperament Test via a Paid Trial Day.


Qualification Criteria :  (Please Note – Puppies and Nervous/Shy Dogs benefit enormously in our Spacious Environment & are Separate from the Big Dogs)


  • Fully Vaccinated & on flee/tick control
  • Preferably Desexed But We’re Flexible on This. Pls call us to discuss Males that are not de-sexed as we’re aware of Vet’s recommending males wait until Growth Platelets are fully developed)
  • Social with other dogs –  we do not accept any Anti-Social Behaviour – We don’t allow Pinning, Biting, Humping or Antagonising of other Dogs
    Please Note – Not all Dogs are suitable for Dog Daycare –   If a Dog is overwhelmed at Doggy Daycare & doesn’t grow in Confidence with 3 to 4 sessions – we’ll inform you they’re not suitable & put you in touch with a Dog Psychologist/Trainer before returning to Daycare (Houndog has the Highest Work Ethics – if your dog doesn’t enjoy the Doggy Daycare Experience – we simply won’t take your money & Profess your Dog enjoys it –  unfortunately this kind of synopsis is common practice at some daycare facilities)
    Committed to the Regular Schedule (there are No Contracts & you can withdraw any time but Socialisation/Exercise should be seen as a Long-Term view)



The Houndog Adventure Park –  There’s Nothing Like us in Brisbane!