Houndog Daycare provides Outdoor Exercise with a range of Environments to Explore

Including the Beach & the Park. We’re an Outdoor Doggy Daycare Experience. Our Mobile Doggy Bus comes to You for Pick Up & Drop Off.  Social Playgroups meet an Instinctual need for many dogs. Our Mission is to Connect your Dog with other social Dogs in Nature. Our Daycare offers Exercise, Socialising & Swimming – it’s an Adrenaline – Charged Adventure! Log in to our Facebook Page while you’re at work to watch our “Music Video of the Day” & to view the Photo Albums.


This Ultimate Outdoor Adventure runs for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.  We visit two exciting locations – the Park & the Beach.  Overseeing Dogs playing off-leash is an incredible adventure and a great deal of responsibility – this is only possible because we are “Masters” in Dog Body Language and Dog Behaviour. We have Expert Staff  (including ourselves) Supervising at all times,  offering a Controlled & Safe Environment. As an extra safeguard, we utilize our own Private Off-Leash Park, away from the Public.


To ensure ‘Harmony’ among the Pack –  we offer the option of joining our Weekly or Fortnightly Trips.  Joining the Dog Daycare Pack is not a short-term view – the majority of our Doggy Daycare pack have been attending regularly for many years. Unfortunately we don’t take Casual bookings. Our goal in joining new pack members is for a minimum of 12 months, however there are no contracts, just a verbal agreement/understanding. Join the Pack today – It’s Barking Good Fun!


Pricing for Doggy Day Care:

 1 Dog    $65 Incl Gst
2nd Dog  $45 Incl Gst

We offer all Clients “Free Advice” on Dog Behaviour & Body Language, Nutrition, Pack Behaviour, Dog Park Etiquette & Free Training Tips

The Houndog Difference

  • We’re the Ultimate Outdoor Daycare Experience 
  • We Pick Up & Drop off from your Home (Full Mobile Service)
  • 3 to 4 Hours of Exercise at the Park & the Beach
  • Professionally Edited Photos & Music Videos of the Day
  • Supervision by Qualified Dog Behaviorists (Excellent Staff to Dog Ratio – minimum 4-5 Trainers)
  • We only accept Social Dogs in our Group. All dogs have been Temperament Tested before joining
  • Beach Time – low impact exercise & swimming lessons to improve your dogs fitness & survival skills around the water 
  • Exclusive Service with small Manageable Numbers
  • Confidence Building for puppies 
  • Exercised & Socialised in a controlled environment

Qualification Criteria

New dogs undertake a Behavioural Assessment before joining our Doggy Daycare. The Assessment involves a friendly chat on the phone to discuss your goals, followed by a Temperament Test via a Trial Day.


Qualification Criteria :


  • Fully Vaccinated & on flee/tick control
  • Desexed 
  • Social with other dogs
  • Committed to the weekly or fortnightly Schedule 
  • Nails Clipped
  • Basic Manners (If your Dog is a Jumper, we ask you to pls discourage this behaviour)
  • Medium to Large breeds may need to wear Head Collars/Halti’s to prevent pulling

Clients to Supply:


  • Travel Body Harness (we recommend Ezydog QuickFit)
  • Firm Collar (we recommend Ezydog collars or a studded collar with eyelets)




Join our Pack – We’re sure Houndog will be the right fit for your Dog!