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The secret to saving big $$$ at the dentist is prevention. Same goes for your dog with oral care really hitting the hip pocket.  Sadly for dogs, poor dental care create discomfort and even be fatal.  One reason oral disease is so prevalent is due to diet and another is because dogs do not like having their teeth brushed (with the exception of a few reared by super parents).  Because dogs detest their teeth being brushed, pet parents usually ‘hate’ trying to clean their dog’s teeth and give up. Doggy dental care may require anesthetic and x-rays costing you a lot of buckaroos.  No, the anesthetic is not for you but you might think you need one when you get the bill.  A basic canine scale and clean comes in at around $400.  Fear not, not you can effectively improve your dog’s oral health with ‘Bristly’.

Imagine if your dog actually enjoyed toothbrushing.  How? Your dog enjoys the Bristly which is designed purely for the purpose of improving dental hygiene.  Forget having to bribe or trap your dog to have his teeth brushed.  To dogs, Bristly is simply a great chew toy and instead of dog being pinned down, it’s the dog pinning the Bristly down.  Other styles of chewable toys will not clean your dog’s teeth is because they are not designed for it.  Gum disease is prevalent in dogs when food particles and bacteria build up along the dog’s gumline.  If it is there long enough and combines with minerals and saliva, it forms into a plaque which eventually inflames the gums.  With Bristly, you apply the doggy toothpaste into the reservoir and your doggo chews to their hearts content.  (Please never use a human toothpaste with dogs as it dangerous for them to ingest it).

A painful mouth can make you dog’s life a misery and oral disease creeps up slowly so why not begin your prevention plan by considering a Bristly.  We advise you to only use products in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and to check products regularly for wear and damage.

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