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Desensitising your dog to touch will not only help at the vets but at the groomers too.  Gentling and handling your dog regularly from a young age goes a long way to making grooming tolerable, even enjoyable.

These days grooming has gone way beyond being just for the health of the dog.  For some it is a job but for others, a career, a hobby, a passion and even a sport.  OK, we’re not entirely sure if it is a sport but as long as there are dog grooming competitions it might as well be.  To those who have not entered the world of competitive dog grooming, it may seem a little weird but spend a few minutes there and you’ll see just how serious and skilled the competitors are. 

Would you own dog benefit from a regular grooming appointment? A coat becoming knotted or matted can equate to a lot of discomfort for your dog and can even progress to nasty skin conditions. We’re not talking fancy cuts but that’s up to you.  A groomer can be a great ally when it comes to looking after the health of your dog’s skin, hair, eyes, feet and ears. You can great some fabulous tips from them about how to maintain a coat between appointments.  For e.g. there are specific methods for brushing long coats which make it so much more pleasant for the animal.

If you do have a ‘style’ in mind, take along a photo so the groomer can let you know if that look can be achieved with the scissors and clippers.

We hope you enjoy the following ‘clip’ (pardon the pun – hee hee) where you’ll see some amazing doggy hair-cuts and loads of action out front and behind the scenes at a dog grooming competition.


Leah & Angela O’Meara

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