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Welcome back to another Fido Feature!

We hope you enjoy getting to know our pack just that little bit better!

Cooper has been part of the Houndog Family for many years.
He is our Golden Boy with the distinguishable blue mark on his tongue.
On a Tuesday morning, he patiently waits for his Goat Liver Treat upon arrival.
He voluntarily offers the sit position because he knows this guarantees he gets a treat!
He also knows where his seat is in the Doggy Bus –
and that’s where he heads to without me even asking.
Talk about compliance; this guy knows how to make anyone’s day easier.
In fact he’s a model ‘fur citizen’. Once he jumps into the Van he gets another treat.
When we get to the Park, Cooper likes to play with anyone, especially the young
fast male dogs who run around the park just wanting him to chase them.
He loves to get in on all the action. He also likes to tumble around
on the ground and can’t resist a roll around in the sandpit! Being very popular
among the other dogs in the group ensures he gets plenty of exercise and maximum
benefit from each doggy adventure he attends.

Cooper enjoys cooling off at the beach and his favourite trick is to hold his own lead
in his mouth or another doggy’s lead in his mouth while swimming.
Holding the lead in his mouth is just his own quirky little thing and we find it very amusing.
He just letting us know he’s in control of the situation.
Cooper would probably offer to drive the van too if he thought his
paws could reach the pedals. After he gets home from his Tuesday adventures,
his Mum always leaves a bowl of yummy food for him because she knows
his day care is just like boot camp and he’s definitely going to be tired and hungry!

 All of our dogs are such loveable characters!

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