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There’s more to meat than meets the eye…

With the correct ratios of Protein, Carb’s, Vitamins & Minerals your dog can enjoy the benefits of a well-balanced diet.

Protein plays a vital role in your dog’s diet including providing 22 essential amino acids.  Because the body cannot store protein the way it does fat, dogs will seek out a feed of protein every day. But dogs are omnivores and while they could survive on an all-meat diet they would be missing out on other essential elements.  Omnivores eat foods from both plant and animal origin and canines are no strangers to scavenging. Even an animal hunted by dogs for food may be a vegetarian where the stomach contents provide a different type of meal in addition to the meat from the carcass.  But canines have a fairly simple gastrointestinal tract in the sense it is not suited to digesting ‘large amounts’ of plants.

Protein provides energy and is vital for the building and repair of muscles and body tissues.  It helps with creating hormones and enzymes required for normal functioning as well as promoting new skin cells, cartilage, tendons, nails and hair.

For dogs with an existing issue such as kidney disease an all-meat diet can present difficulties.  Too much protein doesn’t cause kidney failure, but it can compound the problem.  Puppies fed too much protein can gain weight faster than nature intended causing issues with joints and development.

A sound dog food does not rely on protein or meat alone to provide well-rounded nutrition.  The quality of the meat itself can vary greatly depending on how it was sourced.  Think high-grade fit for human consumption vs slaughterhouse waste or spoiled meat.

Though some dog food ingredients may contain protein in the form of e.g. corn, the protein it provides is not as easily accessible to the body as that provided by meat or eggs.  It needs to be combined with other ingredients in order to provide a comparable amount of protein and would have to be consumed in larger amounts. The protein requirement for a larger dog or a dog exercising heavily is generally greater than those who are not.

The team at ‘Redbarn’ know that there are a large number of pet food brands available to consumers today.  The wide range of choice can make it difficult to understand what is a good healthy food for your dog. All products come with their own advertising and information so you’d be forgiven for being confused when advice conflicts.  ‘Redbarn’ are proud of their carefully chosen ingredients and quantities designed to promote optimum canine health.

To understand more about the role of protein and how ‘Redbarn’ dog food & treats could be an excellent choice for your dog, please read the following page…


Remember each dog’s dietary requirements are unique and you should always be advised by your veterinarian as to the best feeding program. Switching or adjusting types of foods in your dog’s diet should be gradual unless instructed otherwise by your vet.

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