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You ‘must see’ these mobile wonders…

Not every pooch has the full use of his or her body.  Thankfully some amazing mobility-assistance designs have found their way onto the. Wheels for dogs can be suitable for canines with degenerative joint disease through to paralysis or those who’ve had amputations.  Such tools can even assist recovery after an operation such as spinal surgery (with the guidance of veterinarian or animal physiotherapist of course).

Doggy wheelchairs are designed with the purpose of giving a disabled or older dog a means to keep moving about. They have been used by dogs with hip dysplasia, neurological issues or even just to improve balance or stability. 

Some need to use the equipment for everyday mobility while others rely on it for longer distances such as a walk.

This type of mobile assistance usually comes with either 2 or 4 wheels depending on the dog’s needs, stature and gait. The 4 wheel or ‘quad’ variety are used by doggos needing additional support at their front end. 

Variations in material and design are chosen according to lifestyle. Aluminium is often used for frames as it lightweight.  Foam wheels will never get a puncture and deflate.  Air-filled tyres are often chosen for dogs covering rougher terrain as they have a little more suspension.  There are adjustable bars, wheelchairs that fold and those that pack flat.

The fit usually accommodates so the dog can go to the toilet without having to remove the chair. For a dog with a longer tail, the tail can be moved out of the way or draped over a bar, so the waste only goes onto the ground.  For some pooches a doggy wheelchair has even helped their elimination issues because their body begins moving more.  There are a number of businesses selling these amazing products in Australia (2 of which are named below) and overseas.  Meanwhile, check out this wonderful video presenting a heart-warming look at just some of the dogs who got their lives back into motion with the help of a wheelchair…


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