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As the name suggests…

While an Elizabethan-style collar is commonly used for post-surgery occasions, the awkwardness of wearing such apparel comes with it’s own challenges.  It is imperative that the body has time to heal and left to his own devises a dog can quickly do further damage to e.g. a sutured area.  This style of collar is also applied to keep a dog from excessive chewing or licking if there’s been a skin condition or to prevent them scratching their eyes or ears.

The standard style of collar from the vet or pet stores is made of plastic which makes it water-proof and durable, but the drawbacks are evident quickly.  The inconvenience doesn’t require much explanation but pets also often get a fright as they bang into doorways, furniture and all manner of things with the wretched, rigid cone.  And, if you’ve ever had your dog excitedly approach you while wearing a standard Elizabethan you’ll know the pain it creates when connecting with your shins.

A welcome alternative is the Comfy Cone.  The design is rigid enough to perform the task at hand but is made from fabric.  This ‘softer place to land’ means rest time is achieved more easily.  The Comfy Cone also has removable stays so you can have the whole garment out beyond the dog’s nose but you can also roll it back for e.g. eating and drinking or even couch time or those times you can supervise really closely.

The designer has gone to a lot of trouble to make recovery time less traumatic for your beloved pooch.  The Comfy Cone is just that little bit less scary as your dog navigates his way about and the structure will allow him to rest a bit easier during recovery.

Please consult the manufacturer’s instructions when choosing a size and whether this product is suitable for your dog.Comfy Cone is available from various pet supply outlets or go directly to the makers website at www.allfourpaws.com

For more information you can check out one of their videos below…

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