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Reuniting dogs & owners…

Ah the gyspy travellers… Dogs who shot through the front door, escaped during a thunderstorm or just left home for something great in the street.

Most local areas have a lost and found pets Facebook page and we are astounded at just how quickly some folks have been reunited with their pets via this avenue. But be cautious about how much detail you give on a FB page as only the authentic owner will be able to give you the best description or even send you a pic to prove the dog is theirs. You want to be sure the right person is inquiring.

If the dog has a registration tag the council will contact the owner for you (provided they are contactable).  Even a microchipped dog’s owner can only be tracked down if they’ve kept their details up to date with the database.

A dog found should be reported to council regardless and most local councils have a phone line that will transfer you to an after hours number where someone will assist even outside business hours.  Don’t feel uncomfortable about dropping off the dog to the council shelter as that is often the first place owners will check for their dog. Please call the council first. They can probably still file a ‘found’ report even if you’re insistent on not leaving the dog with them.  Take several pics of the pooch with your phone and send it to them to help with correct identification until you can hand the pup over.

In Qld Dogs born after 10thApril 2009 require legally to be microchipped. All regulated dogs must be microchipped regardless of when they were born. A vet surgery can scan a dog for a microchip but if they are able to hold the dog temporarily, most vets would hand him or her on to the council if not claimed within 24 hours.

Strays may voluntarily try and get in your car while others are shy and standoffish. Report them anyway because if a shy one runs away at least there’ll be a time and date record of where it was last seen. If a stray dog stays the night with you, give them water but avoid feeding them unless they appear in a weakened state e.g. may have been lost for some time.  You do not know if there are any foods they should avoid. If a dog has wandered the more enjoyable the outing, the more likely it is to happen again so be kind but spare them the buffet.

There are a variety of pet GPS trackers on the market but in addition we  should still have our dogs microchipped and wearing a registration & ID tag.

The R.S.P.C.A. can also help you track down a pet owner.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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