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Unsurpassed loyalty…

Once you know this story, the name Hachiko will remain with you forever as being ‘the faithful one’.

It was 1924 when a professor of the agricultural department at the University of Tokyo adopted a beautiful Akita puppy.  The golden dog was about to become a huge part of Mr. Ueno’s life and the bond between the two of them became inseparable.

Each day once work was over, Hachiko (his nickname was Hachi) waited faithfully to greet his master at the Shibuya Railway Station.  This became a permanent routine for the duration of their relationship. 

Tragically in May 1925 Mr. Ueno lost his life when he suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.  Hachi went on to live with the Ueno’s family former gardener, but he still returned to the railway station each afternoon to await his master.  He appeared precisely when the train was due and waited for hours. Remarkably this routine continued for the next nine years.

Although not all staff working at the station appreciated Hachiko’s presence, regular commuters knew the dog and he attracted a lot of attention.  In October 1932, when a written article about Hachiko appeared, the spreading news resulted in people from near and far bringing food and treats to sustain the dog as he waited. Sadly in March 1935 Hachiko was found deceased on a Shibuyan street.  The dog had terminal cancer and an infection of filaria (worms).

Professor Ueno’s grave in Aoyama Cemetery has a monument of Hachiko lovingly beside it. Hachiko’s body has been preserved and is displayed at the National Science Museum of Japan in, Tokyo.  A bronze statue in Hachi’s likeness is exhibited at Shibuya Station and is a popular attraction with people from Japan and all over the world.

The story was adapted to a film ‘Hachiko Monogatari in 1987 and a remake was created in 2009 ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, starring Richard Gere.  Make sure to check out the link below to see the story unfold…

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