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Amusing your Canine during Covid…

There’s never been more people spending time with their dogs and the benefit works both ways.  We just thought we’d throw a few ideas out there.

Exercising in public is permitted right now and a walk benefits you just as much as your dog but there are also loads of things you can do at home.  The kids will enjoy creating an obstacle course if you have a few cardboard boxes around.  Teaching Fido a new trick is also great for kids and laying a treat trail or scavenger hunt is a winner.

Anyone found they’ve done more than their average amount of home cooking lately?  While you’re at it, how about creating a few dog-friendly treats. If you go for a barking bake off with doggy biscuits, a bone shaped cookie cutter or unique shape will help the spouse from accidentally serving them up with a cuppa.

A little gentle massage therapy goes a long way.  Start this routine up with your pooch and you’ll find them prepped and waiting on the floor for you!

If you have gained a puppy it is essential to teach coping skills for times when you are absent. Avoid carrying your puppy everywhere or letting it follow you endlessly.

Crate training and puppy play-pen training are excellent ways for your puppy to build up to being able to spend time alone.  You’ll need to build in the value by providing a way for your pup to occupy himself but the best time to ever begin this training is ‘absolutely’ whilst you are home.

Contact your local animal shelter or check out their website to see if there are any items you might be able to donate such as towels or blankets.

If you know of someone experiencing hardship they may appreciate some extra pet food or even just a phone call. For your own dog, try and keep a week’s worth of food and medication available to avoid having to obtain it quickly.

Finally, never underestimate the power of ‘hide and seek’, the best ‘no cost’ entertainment. Dogs totally get into this game you and we’re yet to meet a dog unwilling… 


Leah & Angela OMeara

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