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Ready to Party…

Ask a Corgi owner to describe the breed’s personality and you’ll hear things like ‘there is a lot of it’ or ‘smart’, ‘fun-loving’, ‘talkative’ and ‘not afraid to flirt with danger’.  Funny descriptions of appearance include ‘Short legs, pointy ears, kind of like a sawed off German shepherd’ or ‘Imagine a dachshund, with a fox head, and a bunny butt’.

The Welsh translation of the word Corgi means ‘Dog of the Dwarfs’ and these guys & gals stand around 10-12 inches tall. Being short in stature doesn’t mean they’re short in other departments. Talk about little legends…. The breed was used early on as herding dogs but the fable from Wales is that they were ridden into battle by fairies (or wee folk) and pulled coaches and carts for them.  We prefer to think that is true because upon close inspection you can see the markings on their backs.  This is sometimes called a fairy saddle.

Herding sheep takes a fair degree of analysing and intelligence so Corgi’s do prefer to be kept busy. They reach their height potential at around 1 year old but keeping filling out for another couple of years.  You’ll want to brush that coat because they’re big on shedding.

There are two types of Corgis. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a shorter tail (sometimes very short) which has, in the past been docked.  The Cardigan Welsh Corgi does not wear cardigans but does sport a longer lush tail like the kind you might find on a tiny fox. The Pembroke is the one you’ll most commonly see and these are the kind you see live with the Queen.  According to Corgi handlers personalities of the Cardigans are more like the doormen and Pembrokes are more like the party goers.  Either way, Corgi’s have hit the right note with the Queen because she has owned about 30 in her lifetime.

There are various famous meet-ups in for Corgi’s in Australia including Rose Bay, Sydney. In California (which has a Corgis Beach Day) they once attracted around 1200 Corgis. Check out the following link !


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