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Most stores in Switzerland are dog friendly (on leash) with the exception of those selling food but if you cannot take your furry friend in, you will find a post handy to tether him.  Are you still feeling peckish?  Ask politely if your dog is allowed to join you whilst dining and most restaurants will give you a friendly nod.  What could be better than enjoying a summer evening, dining on the terrace will Fido laying contently at your feet?  Generally, if he’s well behaved, he’s welcome. Zurich boasts a ‘Fondue Tram’ where you can tour around. Your dog can join you on this one for half price. For those of you unacquainted, Fondue’s are traditionally ‘cheese’.  Personally, we think the delicious aromas from this little outing could be all too much for our dog.

Though not all hotels allow pets, it’s not difficult to find one which does.  Many Swiss hotels are dog-friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel at home whilst you stay with your pooch along.

So what about getting around?   If you have a small dog in a carrier, he can ride on public transport. Picture being able to go on a bus, train, tram or ferry this flexible!  Larger dogs which are not carried can travel on the same for a half-price ticket and you can even get your dog a travelcard if you will both be hopping on and off frequently.

In Switzerland some leases on dwellings stipulate that if dogs are tied up then they must be able to move or run around freely for ‘X’ number of hours per day or only left alone for ‘X’ amount of hours per day. Some even require that the dog may not be left unattended.  These rules are generally to prevent potential problems with noise or damage.

The law requires the owner must allow the dog opportunity for social contact and natural movement relative to the dog’s nature and physical requirments.

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