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If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking ‘tap tap tap’ as he crosses the floor it’s time to address his nails. 

Allowing a dog’s toenails to get too long can and become painful.  Apart from the discomfort there is an increased chance of infection. Long nails may also affect his gait which can cause other problems. Force is exerted back into the nail bed. A comparison might be humans wearing a too-tight or ill-fitted shoe.

Long nails are also more likely to develop sections which can snag on carpet, furniture or clothing.  A snag which turns into a tear can cause a great amount of pain.  A canine pedicure is simply a good health care procedure. Dogs (especially puppies) should be gentled and handled regularly so that they are not alarmed at having their feet touched.  This will make nail trimming in the years to come so much more bearable.

The standard rule is, that nails are trimmed so that when your dog is standing the nails are nearly touching the ground.  A bit higher is ok as long as the quick does not been damaged. 

As your dog ages, the more frequently his nails are likely to need attention.
They don’t grow differently or at a faster rate.  It’s just that older dogs are generally less active, so their nails will wear down slower through lack of use.

Your local vet clinic will happily trim your dog’s nails, or you may be intent on doing it yourself. If trimming Fido’s nails yourself, please use equipment specifically designed for canines and educate yourself well about how to perform this task properly without causing harm.

Nails are easier to cut immediately after bath time or swimming because they do absorb a little water which makes them more pliable.

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