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This week the arrival of Hurricane Harvey presented Texas with one of it’s biggest natural disasters on record. Amongst the catastrophic damage, flooding, undrinkable water and power outages have caused great difficulties. Humans were being evacuated as fast as possible but many were not able or permitted to take their beloved pets. Volunteers were amongst those who took action to save pets trapped or that had made their way to a higher perch. The worst is not over for many dogs fending for themselves or as they await their fate at an overcrowded shelter.

Social media has been invaluable because residents could get information about the level of danger as the hurricane made landfall and where to find a safe place. The same type of media can be a problem if rumours or false information are spread around because it is rapid. However this is also the tool that will help in multitudes of dogs and other animals being reunited with their owners.

Some owners will be forced to surrender their pets if their home has been destroyed. Some pets have found shelters but these only have limited resources and many are simply too packed to take more animals. With this number of pets have being displaced, a handful of nearby regions put up their hand to take extra dogs and some have already been flown out of the disaster zone.

If you would like to spend a few seconds making a life-changing donation to dogs in Texas you can go to…


The Greater Good is a non-profit organization forwarding 100% of your donation to supporting animals directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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