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Would you like to see your dog perfectly poised ready for you to take her photo? Now you can and for a great price.

When it comes to photography there’s a saying ‘Never work with animals or children’. It’s just so hard to grab and retain their attention whilst you try and get that perfect shot. And if you’ve been trying to get a great image of two dogs you’ll already know how difficult that can be.

The ‘Pooch Selfie’ is a bracket that fits snuggly onto your smartphone. Then you can clip the ball provided right into it. So instead of your dog being focused on… well… anything but you, he’s now looking at your phone. The ball can also squeak if you need to build extra interest.

Whether you are pointing the phone at him for a portrait or at both of you for a real selfie you’ll be amazed how quickly you will get a great shot. This accessory is very affordable and such a valuable tool for shelters and situations where getting a good pic is paramount.

The bonus is that you can have a game of fetch amid your photo session increasing the interest and reward with the ball.

Once you’ve got that ‘oh so cute’ pic then only your imagination is the limit. You can leave it ah la natural or get creative with captions etc. Replacement balls are available and a standard size tennis ball fits too.

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