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We were thrilled when a valued client offered us a snippet of their recent ‘doggy’ holiday and eagerly share their excellent narrative with you.

Bubbles’ first snow encounter – Road trip to Dinner Plain, Mt Hotham, Victoria

Bubbles, my adorable yellow Labrador boy was turning 4 in mid-August this year. Born and bred in sunny Brissy, my Bubbles had never experienced the snow or even the colder weather that seemed all too familiar for his fellow Victorian fur pals. So my partner and I decided to give him a special birthday memory, driving from Brisbane to Dinner Plain and stay there for his birthday week (and hopefully see lots of snow!)


The booking of accommodation was easy enough; I have heard numerous raving feedback about Dinner Plain being a dog friendly Alpine village. We booked a cute little lofty chalet for 2 people and 1 pet via Dinner Plain Accommodations (http://dinnerplain.com/). August was the peak season so the total bill was understandably hefty; we paid $925 for a 4-night stay.

Traveling route

We took the inland route and stayed overnight at Dubbo City Holiday Park (http://www.dubbocityholidaypark.com.au/). This holiday park offers some pretty awesome dog friendly cabins, Bubbles had a great time sniffing around in its off-leash area.

The entire trip took a little under 18 hours of driving time. The second day seems slightly easier with much shorter distance, although the road up the mountain was very narrow and required 100% focus.

The other thing to bear in mind is to make sure you fill up whenever you can, this will give you peace of mind that your fuel tank will never run too low. As an indication, we drive a Jeep Wrangler and we filled up about 4-5 times each way. The rough bill for petrol is around $700.

Sooo much snow!

As a Queensland dog, Bubbles’ first reaction to the deep now was surprisingly positive. He didn’t hesitate jumping into the deep and sloshy snow and pounced up and down trying to maneuver his way around the snowfield. His tail never stopped wagging so we were very sure he had a wonderful time. We were so lucky that during our stay at Dinner Plain, the local area had the biggest snowfall in the last decade. One day we woke up and could barely see our Jeep under a thick coat of snow. Needless to say, our camera was filled with awesome photos of my gorgeous Bubbles. 😉

The chalet we booked was very comfortable and spacious; the heating was obviously fantastic, as we never for a second felt cold inside. Bubbles also enjoyed walking up to the stairs check us out.

Food wise, there are a number of restaurants, a coffee shop and a grocery store to catering for guests at various budget levels. In general we found the pricing at the restaurants quite reasonable.

So did we love the trip? Yes

Did Bubbles have the best birthday ever? Yes

Will we do it again? ……YES!!

Vicky & Kevin

Leah & Angela OMeara

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