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Papillon’s are easily recognized by their trademark ears. The word ‘Papillon’ means butterfly in French and you will quickly see where this lovely breed got their name. Whilst their tail does have a lovely plume, the fringed ears look just like a butterfly’s outstretched wings. The breed also boasts a beautiful drop-eared shape called ‘Phalene’.  Equally as gorgeous in appearance, the name Phalene means ‘moth’. They are recognized as the same breed despite the distinction between the ears and can appear in the same litter.

100’s of years ago Papillons were a popular gift with royalty. She has originated from the Spaniel and has been a subject for paintings by masters such as Rubens and Rembrant.  This highly active small dog breed is bright and highly intelligent.  She has ‘built-in’ confidence, is eager, a quick learner and has even been used as everything from a companion dog to an effective sheep herder. Originally, she was used to hunt rats and her compact size allowed her to go where others couldn’t. In fact, the Papillon weighs less than most fully grown cats and is small enough to travel with easily.  Don’t be fooled into thinking she must be a lap dog due to her size. Remember that we’ve already mentioned ‘active’.  This breed is ‘high energy’. She needs to expend a lot of energy and gets bored easily.  The Papillon thrives when she can spend time around her family in either a house or apartment but won’t do well if left alone at home all day.

She is known for getting along well with other household pets including cats.  The breed also does well with children to but only if the Papillon is treated gently and without rough-housing. Having a long coat means you will have to groom her.  In return she will give you much love and entertainment.

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