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On occasion when admiring a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier I’ve had to think for a moment which it is I am looking at.  They are both from Bulldog stock and share some genetics and history. To their owner’s the difference is easy. 

The French Bulldog was created from a small or ‘toy’ Bulldog and variations came about when bull baiting was outlawed in the early 1800’s. Once interbred with pug’s and terriers, the French Bulldog then began to show as a breed and the physical traits most awarded by dog show judges led him to look like the dog we see today.

The Boston Terrier’s history is easier to track and he was recognized as a breed nearly a century later than the French Bulldog.  He carries genetics from the Frenchie along with a mix of Terrier breeds.

Features they both share are their short snouts, upright ears, ‘smiley mouths’ and bug eyes.  But the Boston displays a slimmer frame, a pointed tip on the ears and tends to have a rounder head.  The French Bulldog looks shorter in the leg department and he carries a little more muscle. His head has more of a square appearance and the tips of his ears are more rounded in comparison with the Boston.

The Boston Terriers are sometimes referred to as the ‘American Gentlemen’.  Though they come in 4 combinations of colours black and white is very common and the markings on their coat gives the appearance of a tuxedo.  This breed is very active and may try to play for hours without a break.

The Frenchie comes in a larger range of colours.  He is generally a little more relaxed than the Frenchie. He can certainly be energetic but he’s not quite as agile as the Boston.  Like the Frenchie he has short hair, sheds very little and has minimal body odour.

Did you know, that a combination of the two is called a Frenchton?

If you own (or admire) either of these breeds we welcome your comments below this post on our Facebook page to let others know why you love the Boston or the Frenchie so much.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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