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Meet the ‘Big’ guys getting tough on cruelty to dogs…

When an American biker gang goes knocking on doors in a neighbourhood they turn heads.  It’s pretty hard to ignore the presence of these blokes who make up the non-profit organization ‘Rescue Ink’. Members of the Long Island- based group have a variety of backgrounds including bikers, military personnel and lawyers. You may have caught them on the reality TV series ‘Rescue Ink Unleashed’ on National Geographic Channel.

These burley volunteers have saved countless animals from terrible fates.  It’s not just dogs in the sights of these guys.  They’ve also come to the aid of many other species such as horses, cats, chickens and turtles. Their aim is to save as many animals as possible.  Rescue Ink make no bones about their tactics and claim they get results quickly but they operate within the law.  Rescue Ink says they like to make a lasting impression but that most folks do not want another visit. Sometimes an investigation might turn out to be abuse, neglect, hoarding or just someone who needs some re-education. One thing they consider is to their advantage is not actually being the police department.  They also have more funding (entirely by donations) to do this type of work. It’s risky not knowing what they’re going to walk into or what they’ll find on the other side of the door so they have a rotation system to reduce burn out.  It is not unusual for them to offer a cash reward for information leading to a perpetrator.

If an animal needs to be removed from a stressful situation Rescue Ink deliver them to a no-kill shelter, rehabilitation centre, or to their own sanctuary. Extra help is given by a co-ordinator who takes calls and emails, and some members of the group being retired from the police force, know the best way to check out a situation where an animal might be at risk.

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