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Gorgeous labrador takes the stage…

It’s not just humans riding waves these days, in fact a number of animals have been photographed atop a board in the years gone by.  It begs the question… “Just how keen are these 4 legged friends for this sport?”

We’d like you to meet one canine that will leave no doubt about his willingness to participate. You probably remember one of our blogs about dog surfing competitions but this prize winning pooch has a little extra enthusiasm to boast. Charlie’s love for surfing was born after a beach camping trip and once he ‘found his feet’ the water was more than just for swimming.

As his Dad ‘Jeffery Nieboer’ prepares to get in the water he has to anchor the board down with a foot or his body, otherwise Charlie grabs it and quickly drags it down to the water. Charlie has amazing staying power and can easily outlast the energy of other surfers. He’s not just standing whilst moving forward either… he loves to ham it up with a couple of spins and this really gets everyone’s interest. Back on the land he can often be seen carrying a cooler bag for his Mum (who trained him to do this) and so proudly he obliges.  He’s like a lab on a mission.

Just for some trivia, the current record for the longest ride on a wave by a dog is a kelpie called ‘Abbie Girl’. She surfed on a board whilst travelling 107.2 metres in 2011 and the effort was recognized by Guinness World Records.  What a Gal !! Although Charlie’s been ranked highly, he knows it’s not about the competition, in fact, he couldn’t care less. He knows it’s all about the famous saying “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”. There’s just no stopping some salty dogs.

To watch Charlie shredding in action and working the crowd check out the link below…


Leah & Angela OMeara

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