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Have you been doing anything special for Walk the Dog Week?  Every day is a great day to walk your dog but we love the idea of promoting this pastime by spelling out the benefits of exercising with your dog.  Colleen Paige founded ‘Walk your dog week’ in 2010.  Ms. Paige is an animal welfare advocate who wished to show dog owners just how much life with their dog can be enhanced when going for regular walks together.

Let us tell you the pluses for this activity all year ‘round… Looking for motivation to exercise?  Penning in daily or regular dates with your pooch for a walk and sticking to that commitment will mean that you both get a well deserved break from the house or work. Dogs still need change of scenery even if they live in a large yard. Many of the new housing estates built now have really small backyards and a virtually non-existent front yard.  You may even have a friend or neighbour who would like to join in with their own pooch.

Improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles, stronger bones and lower blood pressure are all great reasons to walk your dog and all these benefits are vital to your dog’s health too.  Regular exercise also benefits our mental health.

Walking or jogging with your dog is a great way to unwind and to bond with your fur buddy. Varying your routes will help keep you both interested. Other locals living nearby may be able to recommend routes where they already enjoy walking their dog.

An exercised dog leaves less room for undesirable canine behaviour around the house and walks in your community offers improved socialization for both of you, also helping to reduce boredom and loneliness. If you’re not physically up for distance or if your dog is older or in recovery, how about a ‘sniff walk’?  No pace to worry about, just a relaxing time to allow your dog to indulge in her sense of smell.  And you both still get an outing.

You may notice this image is quite old now (even sporting our old uniforms) but 11 years on and yes, we’re still exercising dogs.  It’s testament of our dedication to the wellbeing of dogs and it keeps us energized.  A dog really doesn’t care what you wear, just grab your sneakers and watch her ears sit up like someone just opened a cheese wrapper.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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