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We’d love to tell you about the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor.

You may have already the discovered the convenience of a pet door giving your dog freedom outside and the comforts of indoors.  If you’re held up at work, you don’t need to enlist a neighbour to let your pet out and you don’t have to play ‘doggy nugget hunt’ on your return. Adult dogs can often help house train a pup as the pup has the freedom to follow the example.  An emergency such a fire in the home also poses less of a threat to your dog when he has his own exit.

However a pet door is not without its problems, until now.  In the past a pet door meant freedom, but at a price. A friend of ours woke one night to a racket with the neighbours cat and her own having a punch up in the loungeroom !!  Doors suiting larger dogs are big enough for a small person to climb through (uninvited of course). An adventurous neighbours dog may be capable of entering for a game of ‘chase me’ on your furniture and rogue possums have even been know to come in for a piece of fruit.  Also, like our friend, if you forgot to put the lock latch on at night you’d have to get up again.

Well now you can have a whole lot more control with a variation of programs.  Just say you have several dogs.  One is great at toileting outside and is no problem being indoors or out. The other is great with the indoor potty however if she gets out, will swim unsupervised in the dam before retuning to the lounge to shake off again and lay her muddy coat on the sofa. Or perhaps you want the dog to be able to let himself in and out but not the cat? (Sorry puss).

You can program the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor to suit multiple pets using the door but with a different ‘key’ for each.  A pet needing to use the door wears a ‘key’ on their collar. When close enough to the door, radio frequency signals for the door to open, and then it can lock again once the pet has passed through (if that’s what you have programmed).

Program modes allow the door to be automatic, locked or unlocked. The Petsafe Electronic Smart Door also allows you to program that your dog can exit but not re-enter.

To check out all the features and read more to find out if a PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor is right for you…


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