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Imagine visiting a university campus where you can spot gorgeous Labrador pups getting about with students.  That’s right, they’re in the, classrooms, library, the cafeteria, attending lectures and having play time on the lawns.  In 1912 Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) a public research university was established.  It is the oldest university in Palestine and is ranked one of the best in the Middle East. The ‘Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind’ operates a project at the university which involves students raising the pups until the dogs are old enough to move onto the next stage of their training.

Training such a dog takes a remarkable amount of time and expertise.  It is essential they are exposed to a dynamic lifestyle in order to get the amount of exposure the to the world they need. In this program the dogs join the busy life of a student who goes about helping the dog adapt to the world, getting them used to public places, noises, traffic etc.  The students playing this role take their quest very seriously and quickly become responsible dog parents.  At any given time, there may be 20 labs in training here.  The pups begin training at eight weeks of age and stay with the nominated student for approximately 18 months. Some of the students express their strong attachment to the animals and how difficult it will be to give them up. 

Since the program began more students have become interested in adopting dogs with demand exceeding the supply of Labradors.  The foundation provides the students with food and instruction for the pups, so the dogs can reach the appropriate milestones in their development.

“Please” watch the following video to see this remarkable concept…


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