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The Finnish Lapphund is an ancient breed which was originally used by tribespeople for herding reindeer.  The delightful dog is very friendly and makes a wonderful family pet. As with all breeds, they require adequate socialization and the result will be a happy and affectionate pooch.  They are bright, thrive on being around you and have a keen appetite for being petted. This breed does not like to be left alone at home and are generally a highly active dog with free running being the best way for them to burn off excess energy.  Finnish Lapphunds are easy to train and will cooperate well with directions.

This medium size dog with a fairly broad body weighs in at about 17 to 20kg.  They have a ‘very’ thick coat which is necessary in Finland where temperatures can plummet to minus 30 degrees.  Their long hair is a double coat, having a wooly layer closer to the skin.  The sheer thickness of it tends to make them look bigger than they are.  This dog comes in colours ranging from black to brown, sable, tri-colour and cream.  A splash of colour over their eyebrows make them look quite expressive.

Finnish Lapphunds enjoy being able to lounge about on a cold floor so if your house is centrally heated for your comfort, make sure they have a tiled or stone floor to cool down on.  Their dense coat does not require brushing every day but must be groomed at least weekly (more when they malt once or twice a year). Each section needs to be parted as you go but it does not tangle or knot in the way many other long-haired breeds do.

Finnish Lapphunds can be active participants in sports such as flyball, agility, herding and even doggy dancing.

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