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There are many types of service dogs. There are Guide dogs, dogs for hearing right through to those who alert for diabetes or allergies. There are even larger breeds that assist mobility and the list goes on. They provide an essential service for their owners, whose lives without them would be more dangerous and less fulfilling.

Colt is a delightful (Weimarana/English Labrador cross) service dog. His owner Janaye has a TBI (traumatic brain injury) that accentuates the danger if she was to hit her head. Because she is prone to seizures and passing out, Colt has been trained to place his body between her head and a hard surface to help her. He will do this until he can she that she is OK. Colt can alert his owner when he thinks there might be a potential episode coming, which allows her to find a comfortable and safe place to lie down.

Seizure alerts are not a skill that every dog can be trained to do. But some have a natural ability and dogs working with seizures are very carefully selected and trained for this type of assistance.

The video in the link below is footage to show to just how wonderful and persistent Colt is, in his job to protect Janaye. The video is not a real seizure but is a demonstration of what usually happens. Colt and his owner have regular training practice sessions.


If you see a dog in service (usually he will be wearing a uniform to distinguish him as ‘working’) please leave him be and do not try to interact with him or distract him.

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