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Congratulations are due to the state of Victoria. The RPO (Responsible Pet Ownership) Program is helping to educate children between the ages of 4 and 12 to live safely and responsibly with dogs.

Suitably tested Pet Educators and their dogs visit hundreds of primary schools and kindergartens throughout the state annually delivering vital and sometimes life saving guidance of how to behave around dogs.

Through role-play, animations and songs children learn how to behave in a safe manner around dogs and also what to do if they found themselves faced by an angry animal e.g. on their way home from school.

The ‘We Are Family’ program is specifically designed for children aged up to 4 years to help provide a safe and happy basis for dogs and children to co-exist in the same household.

Each program also focuses on providing to support to the adult parents and carers so that they know how to actively supervise interactions between children and animals and when to separate them. They also cover daily requirements of providing an appropriate home for a dog and how to read canine body language.

Here’s the ingenious part… The programs are funded by a levy paid on annual domestic animal registration fees, which are collected by local councils.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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