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It is possible for a dog to damage her ears simply by bumping, flapping or scratching them.  Dogs can have a number of causes for ear issues including tears, cuts, chronic itching, post-surgical healing or even just recovering from insect bites.

Once the damage becomes an issue this can lead to further shaking of the head/ears and scratching.  Sometimes there has been an irritation inside the ears and a dog has been madly ‘ear-flapping’ in an attempt to rid herself of annoyance.  Dog owners know that ear problems can take weeks to fix, especially if injuries are reopened because a dog cannot leave them alone.

Hematoma’s are sometimes found on a dog’s ear. If the ear is damaged, blood can build up (usually between the skin and cartilage).  Floppy eared dogs are more prone to this condition than dog’s with upright ears.  An aural hematoma is a typical canine ear problem. 

The Original No Flap Ear Wrap will help you and your pooch get through this difficult period. Until now, dog’s may have had to wear an Elizabethan style collar for such troubles.  Cone shaped headwear is fairly large, and many dogs find them cumbersome.

The No Flap Ear Wrap when fitted correctly keeps the dog’s ears in the correct position which is comfortable and does not allow regular movement and flapping.  As well as being able to still fit through the doggy door, your dog will not be able to remove the wrap using her paws or by sliding her head on the ground (or your legs).

Stays help provide structure and strong Velcro allows you to get the fit ‘just’ right.  You are even able to apply ear medication whilst the wrap remains on the dog.  To find out more product information about this remarkable product watch…


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