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Some ask, what is the difference between a regular retriever and the flat-coat?  Well, the flat coat is a breed derived from the Newfoundland and the Labrador retriever and that is why they are sooo great in the water.  They also work very well as an independent tracker.

These black beauties are easy to train and are also known to be free-minded jokers.  But put them to work and they will astound you.  The flat coat has is ready to switch onto work mode in an instant and is rarely ready to stop until the mission is accomplished. They love the outdoors and do not make suitable pets for apartment living.  Be prepared to provide volumes of vigorous exercise.

The flat coat (which you find in black or liver) is medium length and sleek however, the ears, legs and tail are adorned with a ‘feathering’ which is a pretty contrast. Only weekly brushing is required with little to no hair trimming.

Don’t be totally deterred by the ‘forever puppy’ nickname.  People have said this because of this breed’s seeming slow maturing process.  In this way, they are not particularly recommended to ‘first time dog owners’ but their personality makes for plenty of fun and play. 

The athleticism of this dog allows them to spend time rummaging in the scrub and being able to cope with cold water temperatures too. He is happy to let you know a stranger has arrived but is usually joyously greets anyone new no matter who they are.  You’ll find the Flat Coated Retriever loving, affectionate and extremely social if the right environment has been set. Tracking and agility are right up this dog’s alley so if you lead an active lifestyle you can have loads of fun together.

Meet this delightful FCR on his first adventures…


Leah & Angela OMeara

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