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Elegant, feisty and primitive…

Hey! Was that a curly-tailed fox that just shot past? Wait, no, it was a Shiba Inu !! The Shiba Inu is one of six native Japanese dog breeds and are known for their spirited personality. It is the official national dog of Japan and appears on their 1000 yen banknote.  The breed has been declared a national treasure.  You just might melt as you admire their round face and small upright ears (just like a plush toy).  You may also marvel at their cat-like agility.  It is thought one of their blood lines is from the small Japanese wolf which were hunted to extinction about 100 years ago.  The Samurai used Shiba Inu for hunting deer and small game.  They were used for flushing out birds and even taking on animals as large as boar and bears.

Perhaps you have seen our blog about their relative the ‘Akita’ which looks at bit like a larger version.  The Shibas are an independent dog and their desire to catch prey remains intact.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal and loving, and they are in fact a companion dog.  It’s just that at times they will have a different agenda than you and will happily go about doing their own thing.

With the right amount of exercise, the Shiba Inu can adapt to apartment living due to their size but they are a high energy breed. Grooming wise they are generally low maintenance but do require a brushing especially in warmer months when shedding. Their thick dense coat helps keep them warm and also helps repel dirt so they don’t have to be bathed as often as you might think.  Remember if your neighbours are close by, the breed can be frequent barkers or howlers, also capable of a screechy/screaming sound but hey, we’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  We think they are amazing dogs, tenacious and courageous. A great way to find out more is first-hand from a Shiba Inu owner so check out the link below…


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