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Ever wondered how long it might take to find your dog if they accidentally got away from you?  We’re talking ‘escaped from the yard during a thunderstorm or just doing a sneaky bolt when something irresistible presents itself.’  Perhaps you just want to make sure they are at home whilst you’re out.

Leave those worries behind with the ‘Pet Smart Mini GPS Tracker’ available from Woof Meow Depot.  A very smart unit indeed, this light and compact little tag just attaches to your dog’s collar and can be tracked with your smart phone. The tracker is 52mm long and 31mm wide.

The Pet Smart Mini GPS Tracker is very affordable and comes in black, white, red, green or blue.  Being waterproof is a big plus. There are plenty of positive reviews to read so it’s easy to make up your own mind.  If you have more than one pet, you might like to buy several.

A tracker tag is usually sturdier than a dog tag because they do not fall off easily.  It provides real-time coverage of your dog’s whereabouts.  Having your dog microchipped is a must, but it may not be enough to recover them if lost.  There is still room for strangers to pick up your dog.  Then you hope she is taken to a vet where the microchip can be read. Having a tracking tag in addition to microchipping is the best precaution to take.

The team at Woof Meow Depot love pets and to stand behind their slogan, they donate a portion of their proceeds to upkeeping quality of life for pets around the world.

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