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You’d be hard pressed to find a better-quality dog harness than EzyDog. We love their products and have been using and recommending them for years.

The EzyDog team have created a number of harness suited to a range of applications and some of them can be customized with a side labels just to make your doggy even more special.  See ‘Convert Harness’, ‘Express Harness’ and the ‘Summit Backpack’.

When you buy an EzyDog harness you know from the get-go you are getting supreme equipment.  Whatever your activity, strength and security is important.  If buying a harness for wear in the car or truck, a high-quality product is essential.  You don’t want your pooch flying past you like a missile when the vehicle breaks suddenly. You certainly don’t want buckles or snaps that break apart under strain or when you need them most.  Check out EzyDog’s ‘Drive Car Harness’ for a supreme standard and functional design.

If you’re looking for top quality materials, you’ve found the right place. EzyDog are committed to creating lightweight and comfortable wear for dogs. Features such, reflective trims, stainless steel rings and neoprene where it matters make their harnesses a hard act to follow, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When choosing a dog harness, do consider the purpose for which it will be used.  EzyDog’s website has extensive information about their products, what they are designed for and they even include a ‘how to fit video’ on the page so you know how the item should look when fitted correctly.

See their website for information on features, sizing, colours and applications.
You’ll see their ‘Customise This Product’ logo applied on compatible product images.
You can choose a phone number, nick name or message. Brilliant !


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