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These beautiful water dogs were originally bred for retrieving ducks in Italy. Lagotto are a small to medium size dog which don’t shed very much. The word ‘Lagotto’ is derived to indicate ‘lake’.  Romagnolo refers to the region in Italy they first worked, diving off boats in the marshlands to pick up the ducks.  The easy way to pronounce Romagnolo (for the rest of us) is like saying Roma-nyolo. 

When the marshlands were reclaimed and drained the dogs were out of a job, but it was later found they were excellent truffling dogs.  This is more often what you hear of them doing today. The breed are still powerful swimmers and have not lost their desire for the water.  In fact, if there is water about (this includes mud puddles) you can be certain the Lagotto will find it.  Being historically a working dog, mental stimulation is a must so activities such as nose-work, tracking or agility suits them well.  They know how to dig so please keep any prized plants fenced off.

Just look at this gorgeous curly coat which come in several different colours and can even vary in texture.  You’ll see them in white, brown/white, brown, grey or orange.  Sorry folks… no black.  For basic coat maintenance they can be clipped several times a year to help avoid felting or matting.

Owners rave about their personality which may be a little reserved to begin with but once they know you, they will bond with you quickly.  Though the Lagotto Romagnolo is not a ‘yappy’ dog they are definitely ‘warning’ dogs and will raise the alarm.

The dog’s intelligence is such that they may be a challenge for a first-time dog owner (Logotto’s are masters of manipulation).  But if you have experience with dog training and you know how to deliver adequate stimulation you will find a fabulous dog in this breed.

Pleeease don’t miss this sensational video to discover them more intimately…


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