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In order to ensure a species survives, the urge to reproduce is important.

As far as the clock is concerned male and female dogs are on different time lines.  Although unneutered dogs present interest in sexual behaviours continuously, it is not completely switched on until he detects a bitch in heat.

The female has her first fertile time (estrus or heat) between 6 and 12 months of age. It is the only time of the year she can fall pregnant. Females of smaller size breeds can reach their first heat sooner than large breeds which may be around 2 years because larger breeds take longer to mature. Male dogs reach a peak around the age of 5 months and may seek out a mate at approximately 7 months or older once he detects the pheromones released by a female dog. 

For the female, as well as interest in male dogs, the sudden rise in estrogen in her heat time (usually twice a year) may even prompt a female to flirt in readiness. At this time, after around 10 days she will have an internal release of ova and will permit mounting, stand for or even reverse up to a male so he cannot ignore her. However, males attempting in the earlier days of her heat may be snapped at or warned off. 

Male dogs are attracted to chemicals found in high concentrations in the female’s secretions. Males experience wanderlust and may attempt to mount other dogs, a favourite cushion or people’s legs. Inter-male aggression may be high and he may intend to mark the entire neighbourhood. Please keep in mind that not all mounting is sexual behavior. If he feels fearful or threatened his sex drive will reduce.  

Once a bitch has been spayed she will no longer be attracted to male dogs because she no longer comes into heat. She will not be interested in mating.

We support spaying and neutering.

A neutered male dog is still capable of entering a female, just not pro-creating. Sometimes neutered dogs will still mount and tie just as if they were intact.

Dogs who spend time watching TV or playing with electronic devices report having less sex than those canines who go electronic free.

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