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Leaky gut is a common term for the condition ‘Dysbiosis syndrome’. The syndrome is experienced by humans as well as dogs and other animals.  Our small intestines have a delicate mucosa which allows nutrition to take place as teeny little digested nutrients pass through into our blood stream.  The same lining also plays a role in playing a barrier to keep out undigested food particles, pathogens and toxins.  Imagine our nutrition making its way into the body through a fine strainer such as a cheesecloth.

Although the jury is still out on all the causes of leaky gut, inflammation or damage to the lining and mucosa is often the result of a poor diet or the types of medications that destroy good bacteria. When bad bacteria take over, the ‘spaces’ in the filter become stretched or damaged to the point where they can no longer perform their original role. Toxins and larger food particles can now escape to the blood stream and lymphatic system.  In this case the liver has to work extra hard and if too many pathogens accumulate there is a risk of developing an autoimmune disease.

Remember that it takes a professional veterinarian to deliver an accurate diagnosis. Urine and stool samples may be necessary in diagnosis and abdominal x-rays, MRI or CT may be taken in order to determine blockages or to rule out any other underlying disease.

So be kind to your microvilli by looking after your diet and if you’d like to look after your dog’s microvilli too, check out the following link for more information on leaky gut prevention and healing…


Please note that we do not provide medical advice but do promote feeding dogs with a high-quality balanced raw diet specifically designed for canine health. When we say ‘high-quality’, we also mean free from preservatives and colours and dog food which is not simply a mash of all the factory scraps deemed unfit for human consumption.

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