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It’s true, we really do love all sizes of dogs. Smaller breeds have had a resurgence of popularity, so we thought we would discuss them in a blog.  Perhaps the ‘littlies’ are in mode due to the growing population of folks living in small homes or apartments?

Small dogs are definitely cheaper to feed than large dogs and are often suited to apartment living as they generally require less exercise, however if you have a high energy small dog such as a Jack Russell he’ll have a decent shot at wearing out your carpet.  Veterinary bills are generally a little cheaper for small dogs, but small dogs also live longer than large dogs (depending on the breed). People commonly ask ‘Are small breeds easier to look after?’ Now that also depends on breed and some small dogs require a lot of grooming.

Being small in stature means you can fly under the radar, making yourself harder to spot beneath that café chair, you can be tucked away in the elevator (even in a handbag) and in some countries you are allowed to fly on board with your owner.

Now we know that large dogs can be just as loving as small but being petite may gain you a few adoring glances from admirers. If small dogs do not receive enough parenting from their owners, they may begin to boss others around or get extra vocal (unpopular with friends, neighbors and other dogs).  But with the right time and training put in, a small dog will be a pure joy to own and attract many admirers.  Training tactics can be extra work because your dog is so low to the ground but there’s always a technique around it.

Do you have a lap, toy or teacup?  Perhaps you used to own one?  Whilst we know what’s great about all breeds, we would to hear what it is you love uniquely about your small breed dog/s.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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