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The Array of benefits with Doggy Diapers…

There are a number of medical reasons a dog might need a nappy/diaper.  Leakage can occur from a urinary tract infection.  Sometime a weakened sphincter muscle can result in leakage.  Bacterial infections or diabetes can also be contributors.  Some people use a dog nappy when their dog is in season (going into heat).

A dog may be suffering with ural or fecal incontinence and even a wonderfully trained dog may succumb to a condition which makes them unable to control their plumbing. (This situation is not reserved only for senior doggos). With a doggie diaper a pooch can regain some freedom and independence.  How lovely for a dog to be able to roam the house, join you on the couch and get in on the family fun again.  It is not uncommon to see a nappy on a travelling dog either.

Now doggy diapers are also sometimes used by some folks who have an ‘un-housetrained’ dog however we highly recommend house training.  Diapers should not be considered an alternative to being able to go outside and relieve the bladder.

There can be many underlying causes for incontinence so always speak to your Veterinarian. Check you are doing the right thing and whether your dog really does need a diaper. Urine and nappies can both cause skin irritation for dogs and they need to be changed regularly to help avoid causing infection. Your Vet can help guide you on the amount of time your dog should be diaper free depending on your dog’s skin.

So let’s take the stigma away from doggy nappies and appreciate the way they can help a doggie who simply ‘can’t help it’. Selecting the right style and size for your dog makes all the difference as to whether he/she can wear it comfortably. 

Founder of ‘Dundies’ Emily Martin went on a mission to design a nappy/diaper solution when she adopted ‘Sophie’ a bulldog pup.  Sophie had Spina Bifida, was urinary & bowel incontinent and was scheduled for euthanasia but she was fully mobile.

Do you want to use eco-friendly, superior quality products made in Australia? To find out more, here’s Emily…

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