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Scents and Sensibilities

We may love our home fragrances but to dogs, they can be less like a Jane Austen story and more like a horror movie.

If you own a dog please think twice before using spray or powder air fresheners, plug in scents, liquid potpourri, oil diffusers, candles or scented items in your home.  A dog’s sense of smell is so remarkable they are able to detect a teaspoon of chemical diluted in a swimming pool.  Please check ingredients by doing your homework and find out if they are toxic (or pose a danger) to your dog or other pets.  If there is anyone with asthma living in your home it is also wise to closely study the ingredients of household products.  Travelling in a car with an air freshener can be a problem too especially being a smaller, more enclosed space.

At the lesser end of the scale air fresheners have been known to make dogs ill causing symptoms such as sneezing or discharge from the eyes and/or nose. Some pet owners reported symptoms such as lethargy in their dog and even put it down to their dog being old & tired. At the worst end of the scale is vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and even death.

The worst offenders appear to be volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Some products may be labelled as natural or green and still contain elements which can harm your dog.  Ethanol is type of VOC, considered a natural product because it is a type of alcohol, is generally not harmful to humans in small doses yet is highly toxic to dogs.  It is safest to steer clear of products containing (but not limited to) ethanol, napthalene, formaldehyde, benzene and phthalates.  Some scented products such as candles may not list their ingredients.  Strong furniture or upholstery treatments can aggravate a doggo’s nose too and you may find them seeking another room in which to relax.

Your veterinarian can advise you about household products known to cause harm in pets.

Just a little side note that will make your tail wag…. our Houndog Beach Lagoon is a natural eco system with small fish so you know your dog’s skin, eyes and senses will not be arrested with harsh chemicals.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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