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Not just fluffy and endearing…

These lion-like neck ruffs are rather captivating and a prime feature of the Keeshond.  These guys and girls originated in Holland and needed a thick double coat to keep them warm in winter.  Once upon a time this breed otherwise known as a Dutch barge dog could be found travelling canals and waterways of Holland. 

You can find their bloodlines in the Netherlands and Germany where their close relatives (several types of Spitz) live.  The smallest of these is the Pomeranian.

In their barge-dog days, the Keeshond was employed as a watch dog and his temperament is ‘alert’.  He is very playful with quick reflexes and is quite a jumper (sometimes that’s the difference between being ‘on board’ or ‘in the drink’).  This compact medium size dog really loves being with his human/s and prefers to be a Velcro companion. The Keeshond has also been a firm friend to many children. He is agile and intelligent enough to be guide dog (it is only his size preventing him doing this).  Being an alert breed they know to bark however they are less of a guard dog and are not known for aggression. Barking is not necessarily problematic with the breed, but it was a handy warning for barges to know where each other were in foggy conditions on the canals. Boats generally offer little space, and the Keeshond can cope with living in e.g. a small apartment provided his exercise needs are met.

Colours range from wolf-grey to piebalds and orange & cream.  Wow, that sounds like a really yummy biscuit. You cannot miss their distinctive curled fluffy tail !  But one endearing and famous feature with the markings around their eyes is they often look like they are wearing a pair of spectacles on their foxy face.

To watch some cool Keehond’s just chillin’ at a Keeshond Birthday Pool Party click on the link below…


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