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Proudi by Raw Feeders Kitchen proudly presents an everyday diet for dogs, made with 100% human grade natural ingredients. We are very happy to recommend their product and have found dogs just love it.

The concept behind their range is to create a naturally complete and balanced dog food you can serve to your pet with peace of mind.

The patties come conveniently wrapped (in a heart shape). You defrost only as many as you want at a time. Dogs will delight in dining on these grain free, filler free meals that come in four varieties.

The formulated recipe exceeds the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, The European Pet Food Industry Federation & National Research Council standards.

Proudi’s website includes a list of stockist locations. If you have already moved toward a raw food diet for your dog don’t forget to check out their website. Perhaps you have considered transitioning your dog to a raw diet but want more information? The team at Proudi are happy to help 1800 007 887.

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