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It’s no secret that dogs can read their owners faces. In fact, they do it better than we might think.  They are also very good at reading other species and some have been known to engage in play with horses, cows, goats, even rabbits and birds. Interspecies interactions are fascinating.  Dogs have been known to ‘mother’ ducklings and chickens have been known to roost over the top of puppies to keep them warm.

Researchers observing play between a dog and a horse who had ‘buddied up’ were amazed that both mimicked each other’s facial expressions during their fun interactions.  They also jumped, chased, pushed and ‘play-bit’ each other.  Just as with healthy dog-dog play, they took turns and balanced their tactics.  Though farm horses are often accustomed to the presence of dogs, horses are a generally a ‘flight’ animal with a deeply ingrained fear of predators or anything resembling a predator.  A dog playing with a horse or cow is also at risk as he is vulnerable to being kicked so the observers were treated to quite a show.

Seals and other aquatic animals have also been known to interact or play with the occasion dog.  These ‘get togethers’ pull a lot of interest on the internet.  You may remember Rio and the river otter where every evening an otter would meet up with a domestic dog to play.  If you haven’t seen that little rendezvous make sure to check it out on YouTube.

Bella the black Labrador and Bubbles the elephant didn’t care about their difference in size and became steady friends. Bella even recruited Bubbles as a diving platform.

One remarkable friendship is that of Tinni & Sniffer (a fox) in Norway and their endearing relationship.  The pair met in a forest and Tinni’s photographer owner captured many of their interactions.

Get ready for this fabulous video of Sniffer & Tinni having an absolute blast of a time…

Leah & Angela OMeara

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