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As you are probably aware, Queensland is gearing up for some very windy weather approaching this weekend with the presence of tropical cyclone Oma moving south west towards our coast. At the time of this blog post, the cyclone is rated category 3. That’s quite a ‘howler’. For a comparison, do you remember that incredibly windy Wednesday Brisbane had late last November? Gusts that day were around 40kms per hour and caused a lot of branches down and debris flying through the air. A category 3 cyclone is considered severe and could mean winds well in excess of 100kms per hour.  Of course, the degree of wind depends on how close one is to the eye of the storm and whether the winds are sustained, crossing flat land etc.

Either way, we implore you to prepare by having a plan ready in case you lose power or sustain damage to your property.  Keep a close ear or eye on weather reports so you have up-to-date information and please only venture out if necessary.  Typically, a category 3 cyclone brings some roof and structural damage, some caravans destroyed and a strong likelihood of power failures. Gusty wind and flying objects can scare or hurt animals so try to keep your dog indoors with you. Secure anything which could become a projectile. Understand that animals have more acute senses than humans.  Pets can also escape when fences are damaged and if it is safe to take your dog out for e.g. a toilet break, take her on a lead so you have immediate control to bring her back in quickly.

As much as we’d all like a little more rain, a severe weather event isn’t so welcome. From here we can only wait, to find out whether cyclone Oma will change course or pay us a visit.

Leah & Angela O’Meara

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