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From couch potato to skateboarding extraordinaire…

The English Bulldog was originally bred in the 1500’s to help control livestock and drive cattle to market.  They were also used tragically for bull baiting but thankfully that practice was outlawed in the 19thcentury.  The modern Bulldogs we know today have been bred for decreased levels of aggression.  They are still very muscular but would not withstand the physical work for which they were originally bred.

These guys and gals seldom fall into the ‘high energy’ category and so may make a more suitable companion to a human parent with a ‘not-so-active’ lifestyle. Even if you are a couch potato there will always be an English Bulldog happy to join you there (you just might have to turn up the volume of the TV to counteract the snoring).  This low-endurance pooch does not require large outdoor areas to stretch his legs.

The English Bulldog is relatively low maintenance in the grooming department.  Along with other general care, the wrinkles should be wiped regularly to help prevent skin infections.

You’ll need to watch them when the weather is extreme as they do not cope well with very hot or cold weather.

People often ask why they are so expensive to buy. One reason is that most bulldogs don’t breed on their own so artificial insemination is required.  The birthing process for bulldogs also requires human intervention due to the size of the pups head in relation to the birthing canal. Around 80% of litters will be delivered by caesarean section.

English Bulldogs are known as being affectionate with family and great company. The breed is generally known as being people oriented. They do have a potential for weight-gain, so a healthy diet is essential.

Remember, if you want a pure breed dog you can scour your local shelters or get in touch with a club where there may be a dog waiting for a new home because their owner’s circumstances have changed.

To see Otto the remarkable skateboarding Bulldog check out the video below…

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