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Not too much ‘sheepish’ about this fella but he sure knows how to herd them.  Under the fluff is a very sturdy dog whose origins are mostly from the Devon and Somerset regions of England where, a couple of 100 years ago folks needed a dog which could herd sheep as well as fend off predators like wolves.

He does have delightful eyes and gorgeous floppy ears but sometimes it’s hard to tell the finer details beneath that dense and profuse coat.  The great coat comes in several colours including black (either with or without the white), blue, blue merle or grizzle. You will catch a glimpse of his body if his great coat is clipped down and he still looks very nice indeed.  Generally, this dog’s coat was shorn off each spring when the sheep were shorn.

These days you might recognise his kind from a film, a cartoon or even a television advertisement!

Even though he is bred to herd, herd & herd, the Old English Sheepdog is on average a medium energy breed. He’s not much of a snorer and doesn’t carry a tendency to dig up the back yard (unless you neglect his exercise needs).  He does however require a lot of grooming to keep his incredible coat in tip top condition.  This breed is capable of a variety of tasks and has been used for search & rescue, agility and obedience. He values the company of his owner.

The Old English Sheepdog is sensitive, affectionate and very intelligent.  He finds it easy to gain weight beneath that shagtastic coat so you need to monitor his food intake relative to his exercise.  This dog does not do well in hot weather but whilst you are lounging around the fire place (in cold weather) you could use some of that time for his grooming routine.  If detangling is your thing, this is the right dog for you.  When the two of you are not lounging you will be frolicking with this playful breed. In fact, you and your OES could be BFF.

Leah & Angela OMeara

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