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This ‘whiskery snouted’ friend originated from Germany and often receives comments about his distinct moustache and beard. He even has remarkable eyebrows.  The Schnauzer was bred for ratting and guarding.  Having both these traits meant he was popular around farms.  Features such as small ears and a beard gives an annoyed rat less to bite back on and therefore helps protect the dog

In the early days he was known as the Wired-haired pinscher.  This little guy was willing to work hard alongside humans on the land as well as travel from village to village, guarding merchant wagons which moved around. The Schnauzer has also been used to carry messages in war time.

Whilst Miniature Schnauzers have a lifespan of around 12 to 14 years, the Giant’s average 10 to 12, with the Standard size living 13 to 16 years.  Breeders decided to adjust their kind to come in these 3 sizes so there’d be a Schnauzer to suit everyone.  Hmmm, we’re not certain about that part. This breed is a type of terrier.  He is agile and from his bloodline as a ratter knows how to dig.  His double coat is wavy and wiry but doesn’t shed much. If he sneaks past while you dose you won’t smell him as he has very little body odour.

The Schnauzer’s characteristics score an average of 4 out of 5 for adaptability. He is very smart with high intelligence and even higher energy levels.  Because he is clever, he may become bored quickly if training is too dull. The Schnauzer is an excellent watchdog that is wary of strangers and if he spots an intruder, he will let know everyone know at full volume with his piercing bark. He is independent, welcoming the chance to wander and may even pretend he can’t hear you if something else takes his interest. Check it out, he may have detected a mouse.

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